Wigs and Beauty: Boost Your Natural Glow with a Good Wig

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Wigs should be a staple in your arsenal of strategic beauty moves and hair accessories. If you are just getting started with buying wigs, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the numerous options in the wig and hair extension marketplace available to you. The mere thought of selecting your first collection of wigs can be daunting.  Understanding if you are a candidate for this accessory is undoubtedly the most challenging part of the wig journey. However, you should take a deep breath and rest easy knowing that wigs are a fantastic addition to your personal brand of hair fashion.   

Why Wear a Wig

Many women are crusaders for the lace front wig, but you are probably wondering about the allure. Lace front wigs are incredibly popular because they offer a hairline that looks natural and can support just about any style you might fathom so long as you are wearing human hair. In addition to a transformation that exceeds fabulosity, wigs offer many benefits.

Wigs Deliver Versatility

The first benefit of wearing a wig is versatility. First, wigs allow us to dabble in color, waves, kinks, and bone-straight looks without ever having to compromise our natural tresses with chemicals, heat, or scissors. Hair companies like Hair By Flush of Color offer a fantastic array of ready to wear wigs that provide you with access to various hair textures, colors, and lengths.

Wigs are Convenient

Next, wigs make life easier. Let’s face it, maintaining a consistent hair care ritual is time-consuming and, at times, a bit burdensome for a woman with things to do and people to see. Wigs can help you restore a sense of balance back into an otherwise hectic day.

Lace front wigs can be worn for upwards of four to six weeks.

Wigs are a Protective Style

If you need another form of protective styling, wigs offer another pathway to sheltering your natural hair from the trials and tribulations of everyday maintenance and manipulation.  Wigs allow you to tuck your natural tresses away from harsh environmental elements like the sun and the extremes that can accompany the climate where you reside.

Wigs for Thinning Hair

Do you have problems with thinning hair? Hair loss in women can be a scary and challenging time. Many factors can contribute to hair loss in women, including genetics, stress, medical treatments, medications, and disease or illness. Wigs have a reputation for restoring confidence and helping women feel like themselves again.

How to Choose a Wig

While there are no hard fast rules to choosing a wig to meet your needs, you will want to keep in mind a few simple tips for the selection process. Hair texture, length, and the shape of your face are just a few considerations you will want to weigh in choosing a wig that will accentuate your beauty.

Face Shape. Your face shape may be something you consider when selecting a wig. Women with an oval-shaped face can wear just about any texture or style of wig, including a bone-straight wig like Hair by Flush of Color’s Charlotte custom wig. However, if you are a woman with a square jawline or hairline, consider rocking a curly or kinky wig like Hair by Flush of Color’s Layla raw Peruvian kinky hair lace front wig so that the hair can soften your lines.  A bob hairstyle is particularly complimentary for women who have a heart-shaped face.

Natural. Next, you should select a wig that gives you an unmistakable natural vibe. A natural vibe may or may not mean purchasing a kinky, coily, or curly wig. Your goal is to acquire a wig that shouts quality and realness and emphasizes your beauty. Choose hair that will withstand everyday wear, and you may want to start by selecting a wig that represents the real you.

Style. Finally, choose a wig style that you will want to wear. Even if you decide to step outside of the box of wearing a wig that generates a natural vibe, make sure to choose a style that does not leave you feeling self-conscious. If you are a professional who is likely to encounter people on Zoom or face-to-face for the work you do, you don’t want to spend half of the day worrying about the hair on your head.   

In Closing

There’s a reason women have worn wigs for centuries –and it has everything to do with embracing the positive transformation a good wig can bring. The key thing to remember is to have a little fun with the process. You will make a few mistakes along the way, but you will also make some fantastic choices that bring out the true essence of your beauty more often than not.